We’re on a mission.

Our goals are simple.  Clean Oceans and Freshwater.  Clean Air and Soil.  Stable Weather Patterns.  Expansion of Plant and Animal Habitats.  Long-Term Sustainability of Earth’s Ecosystems.

Our strategy is to take a bottoms-up, grass roots approach in tackling the problems of global warming, deforestation, and pollution by giving individuals, businesses, governments, and non-profits the tools they need to calculate, offset, and mitigate carbon and plastic footprints within retail, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, energy, and construction as well as personal activities unique to living standards and lifestyles.

Our Platform platform

Earthonomy™ provides the following use cases:

  • Calculate and offset annual carbon and plastic footprints for individuals and organizations.
  • Offset carbon and plastic footprints while purchasing gasoline, groceries, and other other products and services, online or offline.
  • Decarbonize the Blockchain industry by providing solutions for green mining and stake pool operations.
  • Defi products and services specifically targeting agro businesses and small farmers who strive for sustainable framing practices.
  • Carbon sequestration solutions (or Carbon Harvesting) for any private or public land owner, earning GAI for absorbing carbon.
  • Create jobs for participating in helping to reverse climate change by planting trees, cleaning up freshwater and oceans, engaging in community renewable energy initiatives, engaging in ecologically balanced farming, etc.

What is Gaia (GAI)? GAIA

The Earthonomy™ Platform uses its own internal currency called Gaia, a native token of the Cardano Blockchain with ticker symbol of GAI.  GAI is used for the following:

  • Internal currency for
  • Carbon Harvesters, Energy Farmers, and Plastic Harvesters are paid in GAI.
  • Carbon and Plastic Offsets are paid in GAI.
  • Members may exchange GAI between themselves or convert to Bitcoin, ADA, other cryptocurrencies, or stable coins.

How can I get GAI? GAIA

You may obtain GAI through any of the following means:

  • Obtaining GAI as a “perk” for Delegating your Cardano (ADA) to an Earthonomy Carbon Neutral Stake Pool, use ticker symbol of ECN1.
  • Exchanging GAI with other Earthonomy™ members.  This will be available once the platform goes live.
  • Earning GAI by planting trees.
  • Earning GAI by becoming a Carbon Harvester (committing your land for carbon sequestering and connecting with Earthonomy Grid™).
  • Earning GAI by becoming an Energy Farmer (generating renewable energy and connecting to the Earthonomy Grid™)
  • Earning GAI by becoming a Plastic Harvester (lead efforts in Cleaning up Oceans or Freshwater areas and connecting with Earthonomy Grid™).
  • Swapping out ADA for GAI within a DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

Stake with Us and Earn GAI tokens as a reward! Stake With Us

How to delegate your ADA to a staking pool.

To generate revenue in support of operations, Earthonomy hosts multiple Cardano stake pools.  Below are some specifics regarding our stake pool strategy:

  • Those who delegate to an Earthonomy stake pool earns GAI as a reward, which is distributed every month via airdrops.
  • Each Earthonomy™ stake pool we operate is either carbon-free (uses 100% renewable energy) or carbon-neutral (contains carbon emissions, but offset through the Earthonomy™ platform).


1. Calculate Carbon Footprint
  • Register for free membership to or download the free app on Google Play or Apple Marketplace.
  • Calculate your personal or organizational carbon footprint for your small business, non-profit, political campaign for free.
  • Calculate the carbon footprint for your medium or large sized business or governmental agency for a small fee.
  • Get free access to educational resources teaches you how to lower your carbon footprint.
2. Subscribe to Offset Carbon Emissions
  • Carbon footprint calculations result in a monitory cost for the amount of carbon you emit in the atmosphere and is used as a basis for determining the cost for subscribing to the Earthonomy™ Carbon Offset Service.
  • Members may subscribe either monthly or annually.
  • Upon purchasing a subscription, the member officially becomes carbon neutral and is issued a digital badge.
3. Member Receives Carbon Neutral Certificate
  • Subscribers of the Earthonomy™ Carbon Offset service receive a digital badge (or certificate) that may be shared with other 3rd-party social media platforms.
  • Subscribers in good standing receive a link to the website whereas their certificate is validated.
  • Large organizations that clear a threshold in terms of carbon offset will receive a physical plaque that may be displayed.
4. Subscription Proceeds Fund Mitigation Efforts
  • 80% of subscriptions directly funds climate change mitigation efforts, such as planting trees, land sequestration, and funding renewable energy and carbon capture projects.
  • The remaining 20% funds the platform’s operations.
5. Farmers Request and Receive Trees to Plant and Manage
  • Members who want to become Carbon Farmers and help reforest the planet may request trees to be planted.
  • Upon request, members are sent tree saplings which may be planted on member’s land or pre-approved public lands.
  • Members are asked to document their tree planting efforts through the Earthonomy™ app, which tracks who planted the tree and where via GPS.  This information is stored in the Earthonomy™ platform.
6. Farmers Get Paid for Their Efforts in GAI, the platform’s internal currency.
  • Members are able to hold GAI in their digital wallets hosted within the Earthonomy™ platform.
  • GAI may be exchanged between members.
  • GAI may be converted to ADA, Bitcoin, or fiat currencies.
  • GAI may be used for purchasing other products or services within the Earthonomy™ platform or other technology partners such as


Decarbonize the Blockchain Industry

The Earthonomy™ platform can be used to help all Blockchain projects become carbon neutral or completely carbon free through strategic integrations with stake pools and minors.

Learn More

Carbon Credit and Offset Marketplace

Market-based approaches to carbon emission reductions can work, but transparency and interoperability is the key to making this approach a success.  That’s where the Cardano Blockchain with Earthonomy™ come in to provide both of these important features.

Learn More

Supply Chain Management

Our platform will provide the means to help verify and validate organic, fair-trade, and non-combat sources materials.  It will also help optimize farm yields and optimal balances between yield and carbon impact.

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Bank the Un-Bank

The Earthonomy™ platform’s digital wallet enables many who do not have access to traditional banking services a way to store value and perform monetary transactions with other members.

Learn More

Transaction-Based Carbon Offsetting

In the near future, members will be able to offset their carbon footprints through their purchasing activities at the online purchases, grocery checkouts, or even at the gasoline pump via the Earthonomy™ debit card or through participating partners.

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Integrate with Renewable Energy and Land Grids

Earthonomy™ is deploying a backchain-based grid to keep track of renewable energy and land sequestering assets that fuel the carbon offsetting process.

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July 2021

First "Earthonomy™ Stake Pool - Genesis" goes live.

February 2022 goes live with Carbon Footprint Calculator and Offsetting App.

June 2022 goes live with Tree Planting App.

September 2022 goes live with Carbon Sequestration App.

December 2022's digital wallet is integrated with Cardano Blockchain.


The Earthonomy Leadership Team combines a passion for technology, environmentalism, & socioeconomic justice.

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

John Williams
Founder, CEO, and Chief Architect

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided an FAQ to assist with answering the most common questions about our platform.

Earthonomy is a platform used for facilitating economic activities which factors in carbon emissions so to assist in counteracting the effects.

Earthonomy is available through your web browser by going to the URL of It's also downloadable through the Apple Store or Android Marketplace.

Bockchain is a technology platform that allows for decentralized computing, transparent and immutable data storage.

Cardano is one of the leading blockchain platforms that supports complex, programable business transactions and one of the top cryptocurrencies, ADA.

Gaia (or GAI which is the ticker symbol) is the Earthonomy platform's default currency.

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